The Fun-ish-er

The Amazing World of Gumball might (who am I kidding) my favorite show. Grand Master H and I have made it our Friday morning ritual to watch the new episode together. If I could just bottle his laughter…the kid has the MOST infectious laugh! The parents are by far my favorite characters. Over the last few weeks, Grand Master H has taken to calling Mr. Smith The Funisher (as in, he is not a Punisher, he is a Funisher). You see, Mr. Smith is more often than not Good Cop to my Bad Cop. Obviously, the kids know it and recognize when those roles are recreated in cartoon form.

Here are two clips from my favorite episode, The Limit. The whole family goes grocery shopping and chaos ensues when the kids (including the father) attempt to get the mother to buy candy instead of actual food.

After several attempts, the poor, exhausted, harried mother finally just loses her shit. For real.




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