Famous Baby C turns 6!

Last weekend we went on a little adventure to Auntie Susan and Uncle Ray’s house. They have horses and it happened to be Baby C’s wish to ride a horse.

This is Cowboy. He got the gig since he is calm and very gentle.


Uncle Ray got the dubious honor of walking Cowboy and Baby C around the ranch in the blistering heat. Luckily, Uncle Ray (and Cowboy) are super patient!

This is what pure joy looks like, in case you weren’t sure. She would still be there if she had her way.

Grand Master H fed the other horses and kept us all in stitches. As in, “Okay guys, the snack bar is now OPEN!”


One last trip up the road and then we had a wonderful lunch.

And then it was off the arcade for rides, games, some laser tag and lots of sun!


On Monday, Baby C wrote about her weekend in her journal. I have a pretty good idea what her favorite part was!




A million thanks to Auntie Susan and Uncle Ray! You made one little girl so very happy!



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