Thug Burritos



Go to and make these burritos.


I have no pictures because it smelled so good and we were starving because it smelled so good that we had to eat fast because it SMELLED SO GOOD!

Mr. Smith and I are attempting to treat our bodies less like an amusement park, so we have adopted a primarily vegan diet (Vegan Before 6). Don’t worry, I’m not going to get militant about it. It just makes sense for us right now. And the book and Thug Kitchen make it delicious and fairly simple.

I have videos, photos, recipes, and stories, but no time right now. It seems that wrapping up the school year is even more time consuming that starting it! Who knew?

Grand Master H lost his fifth tooth on Friday morning and then proceeded to lose the tooth (literally) that lead to approximately 45 minutes of the saddest 7-year-old you have ever seen. We (he could only write the first sentence because he was crying too hard) wrote a heartfelt letter to the Tooth Fairy pleading his case. She was kind enough to overlook the fact that the tooth was AWOL and leave a lovely note and the money.


 On Saturday, Mr. Smith and I had a date, so Grammy and Pop Pop took the babies swimming.


I can’t believe they are my children sometimes.


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