Of Eggs and Bunnies

I know, I know. I am hopelessly behind.

I am just now getting to the photos/events from March, which kind of sucks but also keeps any potential stalking-type behavior from my in-laws at bay. How can you stalk someone who takes months to let you know what they are doing? It helps keep my brain from flying into a terror-enduced agoraphobic death spiral. I can’t be on Xanax all the time. I got stuff to do!

These are pictures of The Naked Posse coloring Easter Eggs.

The one wearing clothes actually ended up dumping the entire bowl of blue dye all over the table, floor, herself, the chair and me.

That was right about the time the fun of coloring eggs ended.


We were lucky enough to have Mema and Poppy with us for another holiday!

We all went to Easter Brunch at the lovely Salt Creek Grille. They have reworked their menu and it was so lovely and everything was so delicious.

Of course, Boo only ate her own food because that is how she rolls. Grand Master H, on the other hand, was so overwhelmed by the choices that he ate a little of just about everything.

And then, to the car for the inevitable post Easter brunch cat nap in the back seat.

Notice the Famous Baby C glower? Yeah, she is suddenly extremely anti-camera and has no problem letting me know it.

It was a lovely day.



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