Grand Master H attends a public school that is masterful at fundraising. Early in April they held a Jog-A-Thon. It would have been better if they had held a hop-a-thon. H would still be hopping. They had each grade level run for a period of time to do their part, so there was no pressure to run a certain number of laps. 

The money raised will go toward arts and music extras that have been cut over the last several years. You know, heaven forbid we should allow The Village Idiot to impliment a decent overhaul of our education system. Funny that a guy that is pretty much incapable of reading or speaking intelligently has now ended up being a painter in his abundant free time. Seems like more arts programs might have saved the world from the worst president ever (by that I mean Dick Cheney).

Where was I?

Right, Jog-A-Thon…fundraising, etc.

So we rounded everyone up and trekked out on a gloomy, misty Friday morning to watch Grand Master H run like it was his job.


Famous Baby C was NOT pleased with the weather, the wet bench, the wet grass, the WAITING, or any of it. That is until the kids started running. At that point, her inner bossy ass cheerleader emerged and she was yelling and issuing commands from the sidelines in the grand tradition of her great grandmother.

Here he is, ready to go.


Maybe taking notes for her future blog post?

Cheering on her favorite jogger!

Hydration is key!

And with that, their portion of the Jog-A-Thon wrapped up and they headed down to the playground for popsicles.

The school came within $1000 dollars of their $25,000 goal, which is amazing to me. The community around this school and the way that they organize and work together to make the school the best that it can possibly be is just wonderful.



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