A snow day

Of course going to the mountains when there is a multi-state manhunt makes perfect sense!

Our bigger issue was that our children had never seen snow. Not in person, not for real. They have only seen pictures. Poor Grand Master H thought it was like confectioner’s sugar and that he could eat the sweet stuff!

So, up the mountain we headed and here is the photographic proof that my little So Cal hothouse flowers have snow gear and know how to make a snowball!

Yes, he was exactly this miserable at first. Apparently Grand Master H has a mental block regarding how to put gloves on that makes him VERY ANGRY at his mother who is TRYING TO HELP HIM get his ever loving fingers in each individual holes while he completely loses his shit because HE CAN’T GET HIS FINGERS IN THE INDIVIDUAL HOLES OF THE GLOVES and it is a really good thing he lives in a climate that does not require him to wear gloves because OH MY GOD are they ever impossible to get on when you are flipping out about how hard these damn gloves are to get on anyway!!!

And then, everything was fine until he took them off again later and we had to have a HUGE SCUFFLE because GLOVES ARE SO HARD TO GET ON EVERY SINGLE TIME!


But then, I see this toothless grin, I forget what a butthead he was about the gloves.



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