I’m back…

and hopefully I will be able to write more this year.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since early December. I am not completely sure where all that time has gone. I significant portion of it was spent fretting about Christmas and all the stuff surrounding it (presents, baking, shows, cards that never got mailed, etc.).

That’s right, I did the photo shoot, Photoshopped the pictures to get a photo that would work, printed the pictures, put the cards together and then never mailed them out. I know. I suck. Maybe I will mail them out this week. So, since I am so unreliable, here is the final photo of the little cherubs.

I took this photo mere days before Grand Master H started losing teeth at an amazing clip. He has now racked up four visits from the Tooth Fairy. 

He now looks like this.

And, no Uncle A.J., we were not moving at the time I took this! We were parked in front of Grand Master H’s school and H started mugging in the mirror. And the conversation went a little something like this:

H: Hey, I look like a vampire!

Me: No, you know what you are?

H: What?


H: And when I die, you get bacon!


That night as I was taking the kids up to bed, Grand Master H ran his tongue over is gums and said, “Man, do I feel toothless!”


Luckily, he has a very Tooth Fairy-friendly sleeping style.


So, I have plenty to tell and many more posts to write.

Stay tuned!


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