Ladies and gentlemen…

I am proud to present a very shaky video of Famous Baby C making her stage debut.

She was a cool as a cucumber. No pre-show jitters at all. All business.

Got her costume on without any fuss at all. I left her with her teacher. She couldn’t have given a damn that I was leaving her.

She was fine. I was a wreck, but she was fine. Sorry for the shaky video. I was holding Grand Master H, filming Boo and trying not to burst into an ugly cry.



And, yes she is wearing a flesh-colored leotard. She is NOT showing her little butt to the entire audience! Although, I would not put it past her.

Grammy and Pop Pop got her a little bouquet and she was in her glory when I gave it to her backstage.

As I carried her to the car I told her how proud I was that she did it and hadn’t shed a single tear. She said, “Of course I didn’t. There is no reason for that!”



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