A few weeks ago, Grand Master H came up with his inspired Halloween costume idea. Yes, you read that correctly. Mr. Big Time came up with this one all on his own. I want to state for the record that there was absolutely no parental intervention, brain-washing or the like around here. He just stated his intention and from that point on, there was no wavering.

 So, in anticipation of October 31st, Grand Master H lost the mohawk. It was very un-Steve. He went with a very very short haircut. We decided not to go to extreme and give him a receding hairline because he is six and he does have to attend school. Also, we opted out of the facial gruffiness. Again, he is six and the thought of wiskers on my baby boy’s mug just about kills me every single time I think about it.


Anyway, here he is. In all his black mock-turtlenecked glory. We even found New Balance sneakers like Steve was known to wear. 


And just like Steve, our boy is truly one of a kind.

As he told me last week, “I am exactly the kind of goofball the world needs.”

Amen, baby.



And then, there is Famous Baby C. There is no one costume that would please her. No way. Rather an array of costumes for Her Serene Highness, if you please.

So, we kicked off the holiday on Tuesday with a little Preschool soiree. After a lengthy discussion, Her Majesty opted out of the costume portion of the Halloween party. Fine, I agreed. So, I took Baby C, her small pumpkin (for decorating) and a cookie sheet of orange jello to school (all of this in addition to her violin, her snack bag and her change of clothes. She carries nothing, I am her driver/valet/ladies maid). She was fine without a costume.

That is until the owner of the school discovered that some of the children did not wear costumes and went to her treasure trove of finery and festooned our princess with this little number.

When Mr. Smith picked her up, he naturally wanted to know why I did not have her wear a costume. I calmly explained that she had decided not to and then he told me that the school had loaned her a Barbie costume. I didn’t think much of it.

The next day when I was dropping off Her Majesty, the teachers were still swooning over Famous Baby C and how fetching she was. Naturally I did not see it and was kind of disappointed. Luckily the wonderful Miss Christine had snapped a photo and was kind enough to share it with me.

Can you stand it?

I mean, I know I am her mother and all, but seriously. This child kills me. Absolutely kills me.



October 31st she started out with her Tinkerbell costume which I unearthed while searching for a pirate hat for Pop Pop (because being 70 does not mean you don’t like to dress up on Halloween).

After we dropped Mini Steve Jobs off, watched him march in his first Halloween Parade (holy shit the chaos and the roar of all those wound up kids!), walked about a half mile round trip to and from the car, Her Majesty was fed up with her Tinkerbell costume and moved on to her Tangled/Rapunzel gown. 

She had decided to wear that gown to school. It is floor length and she is not accustomed to such finery. She almost did a face plant in the entry way, the driveway and the parking lot at school. At that point she had gone for the ugly cry, sobbing and splotchy by the time I handed her off to her teachers and hit the door at a dead run. I warned them that the costume may not last.


I should tell you that we have not slept through the night in over two weeks. The level of anticipation and hysteria surrounding Halloween is ridiculous and has rendered my sweet boy an insomniac. This lack of sleep and general anxiety culminated in him waking me up four times during the night on October 30th, finally puking because “Halloween is taking too long to get here.”

I have never seen two people more anxious to panhandle door-to-door for candy they do not like and have no intention of eating.


But I digress, back to the costume saga.

By the time I picked Her Majesty up, her gown was stuffed in her cubby, she had a ghost painted on her cheek, and she was as happy as a lark!


Finally, the big moment arrived, after both children asking about 2,678,983 times,

“Can we go trick or treating yet?’


For her final costume change, she was Ariel/The Little Mermaid. The costume was huge, but the wig was worth the price of admission if you ask me.

This is a photo of Mini Steve having a pout and Ariel being, well, regal/serene/long-suffering?

The best part is watching people react to her in the wig and then their faces when Grand Master H tells them who he is dressed up as…made my day.


And now, Mommy needs a nap.



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