Oh my heart…

When you have children, at least when I had children, it never occurred to me that I would be so completely wrecked by them starting school.

Famous Baby C started preschool today and I cried the whole way to Trader Joe’s in the car. I had to finally pull it together. Everyone there knows me and I can’t be caught sobbing in the aisles. I have to maintain a shred of dignity, right? Wasn’t it bad enough that one of the the former students asked her mother, “What’s wrong with her?” after I dropped my Boo girl off?

Luckily, Famous Baby C has none of her brother’s hammy nature and is so fed up with me taking her picture that she has started barking, “Mommy, that is enough pictures for now!”


And then she pretty much just walks away from me while I desperately try to get just one more shot.

I think I slept a grand total of 30 minutes last night. I was no worried about how she would handle this. My children have never even had a non-family member babysitter, so just turning around and walking away from her today was huge for me. Also, they don’t make Xanax in lollipop form, so that made today a little tough to deal with too. Come on big pharma, help the mommas out!

Mr. Smith, Grand Master H and I all went to pick her up and she was fine. Of course she was.


And then, because milestones are freakin’ exhausting, my precious girl passed out on the floor.


Tomorrow Grand Master H starts school. 

Mommy might need a cocktail.


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