Lower your expectations

When you have children, you have the idea of what it will be like and then there is the reality.


In my experience, you only get glimpses of those crazy fantasies.


The reality is something entirely different. Sometimes better and sometimes worse.


The same thing holds for attempting to plan anything involving small children. The best idea is to have no expectations. As soon as you think that they are going to love something, they will hate it and want to go home.


A few weeks ago, we found out a nearby city was having a snow day. Basically they make snow with a wood chipper in a park so that the sad little underprivileged Southern California kids can experience snow.


This because my son asked me, “Mommy, does snow taste like sugar?”


Poor kid.

Temperature in the backyard Saturday morning


So despite the sweltering temperatures, we braved the crowds.


It was nothing less than hideous.


Spiderman popsicle


Still pleased with his purchase


Coming to the realization that the popsicle tastes like ass


Hiding from the camera in a desperate attempt to find shade



These poor kids couldn’t even get their faces painted, despite waiting in a line, in the sun because some old bitty with no teeth was a total bitch, cut in front of them so that her morbidly obese granddaughter could be painted to look like a cat.


We went to Red Robin and had lunch. We got super balls out of a vending machines. Six super balls. Three for each kid.


Those damn super balls made them happier than even a single flake of snow that they wanted NO PART OF FROM THE MOMENT WE ARRIVED IN THE PARK!


And there you have it.


I made plans.


I had expectations.


I had imagined the great pictures I could take of my Mr. Smith and the kids flying down hill on a sled.


It was not to be.


But as much as that may frustrate me, it is more important that we were together as a family. As parents we made the effort, we spent the day as a family doing something together.



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