Speak to me of peanut butter

One of the best things about Mr. Smith is that he takes me as I am.
Lately, I have not been such a great spouse.
The potty training hell, the PMS, the busy business, the lack of sleep have all taken their toll on yours truly.
I can’t really stand myself, but somehow, Mr. Smith can stand me.
I have found that to be the most miraculous thing in our marriage.
On Friday, after a particularly hellish week, I received these in the mail.
Remember the scene in Singles where Bridget Fonda’s character says she is just looking for a guy that notices when she sneezes and bothers to say, “Bless you”?
Yeah, I found a guy that understands me well enough to have gourmet peanut butter cups sent to me when I am in the weeds.
Sorry ladies, he’s all mine!

P.S. These peanut butter cups are from Lake Champlain Chocolates. And yes, they are THAT good!


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