MIkey’s Pie

As advertised, I made the pie that I will forever think of as Mikey’s Pie.
Today has not been an easy one for me. After reading Jennie’s post last night about the loss of her dear husband, I have feel frazzled and out of sorts.
I was weepy last night and begged my darling Mr. Smith not to die.
Silly. I know.
You see, this falling in love thing is sticky business. It tiptoes into your heart, into your being and takes up residence. Before you know it, you are terrified at the notion of losing someone you never thought you would find.
I was 38 when I met my Mr. Smith. He took his sweet time getting here. 
I thought I would never find him and then, as if by magic, he showed up in my office for a job interview.
Talk about fate.
Less than a year later we were married.
I did not think there was a man that I could fall in love with so completely.

So, when I read Jennie’s simple request that anyone that wanted to help her could do so by making this pie, I jumped right on board.
It was not complicated, but events and my frazzled nature conspired to make it really really hard to make for some reason.
I couldn’t find the chocolate wafers for the crust. Took 3 stores and a heaping dose of patience.
When you travel with a 3 year old, you choose the shopping cart with a truck on the front. Yeah, an 10 wheeler is easier to steer. I showed them, I bumped into almost every mother effin’ display, shelf, and person in the store. Poor Baby C has whiplash and another shopper asked me if I was okay.
I dropped softened butter onto the top of my shoe. Yeah, the part with laces.
I forgot to put the confectioner’s sugar in the pie until it was already chillaxin in the fridge.
Grand Master H’s yogurt tipped over and fell into the top of the pie.
Still I persisted and made the pie. I just had to and there was no way in hell I was going to give up.
Not when I was doing this to honor the memory of a man who danced with his little daughter and told her she felt like a feather in his arms.
Later, after the dust settled I sat down and had a piece of pie, for Mikey and Jennie, with my mother. And was thankful to have my family, no matter how messy, in tact.


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