Be Your Own Canvas

You know that kind of quiet that you rarely experience when you are a parent?
The one that is beautiful. The one that is unexpected and so fleeting?
Until the horrible realization hits you that it is TOO quiet.
That something is going on that you haven’t discovered, been slapped in the face with, yet?
And then, you see this:
And they are so proud. So full of ninja moves and confidence. They tuck Lego baseplates in their waistbands because they are using them as throwing star stand-ins.
And that momentary feeling of dread turns into laughter.


One thought on “Be Your Own Canvas

  1. I do! I do know! For me it was my chanel eye liner, black jade!! My budding artist thought it looked nice with the peach wall paint.Well, it did, actually.Looking forward to sharing the kat's eye class with you!


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