So Cal Hillbillies

A darling Finch couple moved in just over our patio this Spring.
Isn’t she adorable?
They very industriously built their little nest. We think there are eggs, but we can’t be sure without disturbing them, so we live in ignorance.
Yesterday, a hawk attempted to get at the nest/occupants while we were having breakfast.
Mr. Smith sprang into action, as did his youngins.
Mr. Smith got Pop Pop’s BB Gun (oh boy, is there a story there!) and Grand Master H ran and got his Black Manta Happy Meal action figure (it has red eyes that light up and he decided to use it to
 blind the hawk, don’t ask)
Famous Baby C mostly just served as spotter/cheerleader.
At one point, I did hear Mr. Smith ask C if she wanted hawk for breakfast. He may have been overly confident in his skills as a marksman.

Thankfully, no one (including our little militia members) was injured in the skirmish.
They all live to fight another day.
As I have said, the comedy around here writes itself. I just take notes. And photos.


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