A whole new use for breast milk

I breastfed both of my babies for a year. 
I am not bragging. 
If you can’t or don’t breastfeed, cool. Your call, not mine.
That was as much as I could stand.
Neither one of my little monsters would take a bottle.
I could not leave the house for any length of time. For. a. year. TWICE!
It was like being on house arrest and engorged. 
It had an upside. The food was entirely portable.
I’m out.
Ice cream made with breastmilk? Seriously?
And the tagline is, “Lick your addiction.”
Hats off to them for all the free advertising they have gotten by being cutting edge, 
but at the end of the day, all I can think is EWWWWWWW!


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