Picture the Holidays – December 27 thru 31

And so we are at the end of another photography class.
I have struggled with the last few prompts.
Post-Christmas funk and all.
I seem to be pulling out of it now.
Anyhow, here are the last few days of Picture the Holidays.
Like the other classes, it has been a delight.
It forced me to enjoy the small things, focus on them and that has been a gift.
December 27
The prompt: Breath of Fresh Air

These treasures were blooming right outside our window. 
The beautifully named Heavenly Bamboo, it offers flowers, berries, 
red-tipped leaves, etc. through the year.
December 28
The prompt: Through the Looking Glass
I took several pictures, but none of them worked for me with this prompt.
I ended up skipping it completely. The post-Christmas funk had me
and I was just not feeling it that day.
December 29
The prompt: A Toast
December 30
The prompt: There’s No Looking Back
I will be trying to charge into the future with them, hoping to catch some of their boundless enthusiasm and curiosity!

While I was taking pictures of Famous Baby C at the park, the camera focused on the word
stamped on the playground equipment. 
I did not see it until I was looking at the photos on my computer.
It felt like the universe was whispering something to me.
December 31
The prompt: Gather Your Thoughts


One thought on “Picture the Holidays – December 27 thru 31

  1. I love the first two images, especially! Are you doing Picture Winter? I'm still deciding…Thanks for reaching out … and good to know we're not alone on the fast relationship track front. 😉


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