Royal Frosting and my babies

I will keep this short.
Trader Joe’s had these rocking giant gingerbread man kits. They include a giant cookie, white royal (you could easily use it for any home repairs), and candy to decorate the man.
Today, in a feeble attempt to maintain some sort of order around here, I broke these out.
The babies loved it.
I vacuumed up the candy, now known, compliments of Famous Baby C, as “Shugga Balls”
(most folks just call them nonpariels), 
and must be pronounced in a thick Southern accent.
Kind of sounds like something Scarlett would have called Rhett behind closed doors, no?

There are about a million more photos that I was trying to post, but the assholes at Google (hey, remember do no evil, guys?) have informed me that I have run out of space and that what I really need to do is shell out $5 each year for 20GB of space on their holy servers. 
I am deciding if I want to do that or firebomb their offices.
Kind of a tough decision.


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