Picture the Holidays – December 9

“It’s a Sign” was the prompt.

We were asked to look for “signs can warn us, lead us, remind us or even state the obvious.”

Mr. Smith aka Santa has been very kind to me this holiday season. He is an extremely generous man.

Yesterday I received my new camera bag. I have been lusting after this thing since I found out about these bags several months ago.

Her name is Ginger and holy mackerel is she ever gorgeous. She is brown with turquoise fabric on the inside, so finding things (pretty much all the camera equipment is black, so having a brightly colored interior is positively inspired) is a breeze.

I found the two little inspiring quotes tucked into two of the many pockets.

Yes, there is a typo on the second card, but the quote is still awesome. It should read, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Oh yeah, and while Grand Master H was “helping” me transfer all my stuff from the boring black bag into Ginger, he decided that I needed some light reading, just in case.

He very generously sat down and put these “fairytales” together, “in case you need to read some fairytales, Mommy.”

And then I died a little, because he is so adorable and it just kills me.
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