State of Play

I have tried at least three times to watch the Russell Crowe/Ben Affleck/Rachel McAdams version of this thriller.

Every single time I get interrupted and don’t get back to it. It seems like I keep seeing the same section over and over again. The cast is great.

Here’s the thing. The movie is based on a BBC miniseries. The miniseries is available on DVD for a mere $20.00. I know, less than a night out at the movies!’s the other thing, the story unfolds over a longer space of time and it is told more clearly. Also, since the tale takes longer to tell, there is much more suspense (just my opinion) and makes it more clear what is going on.

I would watch Bill Nighy read a phone book. They guy is one of the finest actors working today. He can play absolutely any part (see Love Actually and The Girl in the Cafe for proof). He is a delight to watch and he literally steals every single scene he is in.

Also, Kelly Macdonald is just plain fantastic. I loved her in Gosford Park and The Girl in the Cafe (starring opposite Bill Nighy). She is another person who is just delightful to watch.

Anyway, if you like a well-told story. Go for it. I just don’t think you can beat that for a mere $20!


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