S’more love

Mr. Smith loves chocolate. He also loves S’mores. I don’t really get it because I am not into the marshmallow scene at all.

My thing is peanut butter. I think that is VERY well documented all over this blog.

I have read about this book on several blogs.


The one that really caught my eye was the S’mores doughnut recipe. It just seemed like it was right up Mr. Smith’s alley.

Marshmallows, chocolate, fried dough. Check, check, check.

Yesterday I finally had all the ingredients, so I jumped right in, hot oil and all.

Who knew that what you really need to accomplish that lighter than light doughnut dough was a veritable shit ton of yeast.

Crazy amounts of yeast. This dough was rising while I was cutting the damn things out.

On a totally unrelated note: Famous Baby C can’t really say Graham Cracker. She calls them Damn Crackers. Unfortunately, I am the kind of mother that finds that quirk completely awesome.

So, for example, she asks for a “Big Damn Cracker, please.”

After I stop laughing hysterically, I deliver said Damn Cracker.

She kills me.

Okay, so I made the doughnuts, SUPER sticky dough, big old mess, Mr. Smith circling the kitchen waiting for the finished product.

He ate them while they were still warm and deemed them delish. They do, in his opinion need more chocolate and more marshmallow. We will try that the next time around.

It was the perfect little treat for a man that has been working an average of 16 hours each day.

It was the least I could do for a guy who got up at 3 am.

Sadly, I neglected to take pictures.


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