And so it ends.

Today, my heart is breaking just a little bit. Picture Fall is over.

Today I got my last email prompt. I felt sad about the thought of it even yesterday and last night.

I would be saying goodbye to all the beautiful, talented, lovely, supportive ladies that I have gotten to know in the class, even if only electronically.

Today our prompt was Giving Thanks.

There was a point about half way through the class when I felt like I wanted to quit. I was really struggling with the prompts and not feeling inspired. I was not happy with the shots I was getting and felt low.

I mentioned it and I got the following boost, “Get your camera, and just shoot, from the heart.”

That was all.

Simple, to the point, perfect.

Today I am thankful for the community of these classes. I feel so blessed to have found this place, these women, this opportunity. It has been lovely and inspiring.

So today, ladies, I am blowing you a little kiss.

You have filled my heart with love and admiration and my eyes with happy tears.


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