Taken 4 : Skills Indeed

This morning over breakfast, Le Grande H told me that food has begun disappearing from his lunch. Of course, I was curious.

In Southern California, we so rarely experience weather that the kids all hang their backpacks outside. My son does not zip his closed. He also takes some of his snacks out of his zipped lunchbox, so it would not be difficult for someone or something to abscond with his beloved snacks.

He seemed to think that someone or something (his words) was stealing this food. And he launched into his best Liam Neeson imitation.

From the archives…


This gem is from April 2012. I know they were both sick. I think this was the song from the Chipwrecked Movie (I’m Not a Survivor?), but I have no clue what they were doing.

The end just kills me. Always playing to the crowd.

Barnyard Moosical

That’s right folks, it takes me four months to work out all the technical problems I had with editing, exporting and uploading this video. It has been a rough road, but here it is.

Famous Baby C is the second goat from the left. Her group steps up to mic around the 11:34 mark if you don’t want to watch the splendor of kindergartners singing and dancing.

I apologize for the occasional blurry video, but the focus was in flux through the whole thing and it turns out I am not the greatest videographer. At all.